Special Students

Special students are applicants who enroll only on a single discipline without being associated to any Graduate Programs at USP.

Special students have the right to receive a certificate on the discipline they take, issued by the CPG (Graduate Committee).

The acceptance of a special student must be approved by the CCP, once the opinion of the academic responsible for the discipline has been considered.

Credits acquired by special students for a specific discipline may be accepted, on the Supervisor's decision, when disciplines are taken by students up to 36 months prior to the initial date of their enrollment as regular students.

At the CCP's decision, USP undergraduate students can be enrolled on Graduate courses as special students. However, applicants must be referred by supervisors accredited on USP Graduate Programs. They must also be part of an Undergraduate Research program.

Credits thus obtained within the last 36 months may be considered as part of the total requirement for obtaining a Masters' or a PhD degree if the student is accepted on one of the above courses, subsequent to passing the selection process.

(University of São Paulo Graduate Regulations)

Number of Courses

Students can enroll and attend up to two disciplines in the Graduate Program in Environmental Science (PROCAM) per semester and two disciplines in the Graduate Program in Energy (PPGE) per period. In the case of PPGE, the disciplines in the first two periods must be chosen during the first teaching semester.


Special students cannot enroll on compulsory disciplines or programmed activities. Once special students have been accepted, they have the same responsibilities as regular students in terms of attendance, course work, exams, etc.

Courses offered are available here.

Acceptance Criteria

The acceptance of special students depends on the availability of places, the number of regular students enrolled and the approval of the academic responsible for the discipline. In order to accept students, the academic in charge may set tests, carry out interviews, or use any other procedures deemed reasonable.


Enrollment and Documents


 In 2017 special students must enroll in person in accordance to the timetable published by IEE's CPG.


1st Semester/1st Period 2017 (PPGE and PROCAM): 16 to 20 January 2017

2nd Semester (PROCAM): 28 to 30 June 2017  


Documents required for enrollment:



NOTE: Preference is given to enrollment via email.  Applicants must send a completed and signed enrollment form, together with their Lattes CV to the following email: posgraduacao@iee.usp.br

Undergraduate Research Students (USP)

Foreign Applicants must also present a copy of the following documents:


  • Passport
  • Type IV, Mercosur or Permanent Visa
  • RNE (Foreigner's Id Card) or reference document (protocol)
  • Proof of graduation.
  • List of approved students:

The date for the approved special students list was changed to 20 February 2017, from 4pm onwards and is available on the Graduate Program Site.

Approved Applicants

Post-enrollment procedures.

Approved applicants must complete their enrollment from 21st to 24th February 2017. Applicants must present copies of the following documents either in person or by email to posgraduacao@iee.usp.br:

  • Identity Card (R.G.), Individual Tax Number (CPF), Voters' Registration and Military Service Exemption
  • Graduate Diploma (front and back)
  • Undergraduate Academic Record
  • Proof of Deposit* of R$ 105.00 per discipline.
  • Send a copy of proof of payment to tesouraria@iee.usp.br providing the applicant's name and disciplines.

Important Notice:

  • If the applicant is not accepted, he or she cannot join another discipline en lieu.
  • Please check if your name is on the attendance list on the first day of the course and if it is correct. If there are any errors or your name is not on the list, please contact the Graduate Program.