PROEX Management Committee

In 2013, PROCAM scored 6.0 in the CAPES (Federal Agency for the Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education) assessment. PROCAM joined PROEX (Academic Excellence Program) in October 2015. The aim of PROEX is to maintain the high standards of post-graduate programs with a score of 6 or 7 in the CAPES assessment, in order to more adequately meet the needs and specificities of these courses.

The PROEX Management Committee was created in compliance with CAPES ordinance n.34. It can, from time to time, plan, manage and assess the use of student grants and financial resources provided by CAPES. Current members of the PROEX Committee are:

Position Name Start Date End Date
Chair Prof. Dr. Evandro Mateus Moretto (coordenador do Procam) 07/10/2015 06/10/2017
Deputy-President Profa. Dra. Ana Paula Fracalanza (suplente da Coordenação) 07/10/2015 06/10/2017
Academic Staff Representative Prof. Dr. Pedro Roberto Jacobi 07/10/2015 06/10/2017
Student Representative Daniel Rondinelli Roquetti (doutorando) 07/10/2015 06/10/2017
Student Representative Jordano Roma Buzati (mestrando) 07/10/2015 06/10/2017