PhD Selection Process

The selection process for the PhD Course takes place every semester by means of a Public Announcement published in the State of São Paulo Official Journal, also available on this site. The CCP (Program Coordination Committee) appoints a special commission for this procedure. There are two stages to the selection process: an analysis of the applicant’s project and an interview where applicants will have to defend their proposal. Successful students must pass both stages.

The selection process is divided into 2 qualifying stages:

1st stage: Analysis of the Research Project.

Applicants obtaining a minimum mark of 5.0 during this stage will be considered for the second stage.

The Research Project will be analyzed on the following aspects:

a)The Project’s theoretical background and the literature review on the topic of the project;
b)Academic Question(s) arising from the Project;
c)Hypothesis formulation;
d)The suitability of the methods and techniques proposed;
e)The project’s compatibility with PROCAM's lines of research.
f)The originality and consistency of the conceptual proposals of the research.

2nd stage: The defense of the Project

The following aspects will be analyzed during the defense:
a)Domain of the topic proposed and;
b)Applicants’ ability to defend their project proposal.

The final mark is obtained by averaging the marks given for each stage of the selection process: Analysis of the Research Project and its defense. Both stages carry equal weight. Approved applicants will have obtained a final mark equal or above 7.0.