Masters' Selection Process

Selection for enrollment on the Masters' Course takes place once a year by means of a Public Announcement published in the State of São Paulo Official Journal, also available on this site. The CCP (Program Coordination Committee) appoints a special commission for this selection process.

Enrollment on the Masters' Course occurs every year during the second semester. The Public Announcement provides information on relevant dates and documents required.

There are two stages to the selection process: a written examination and an analysis of the applicant’s project, including an interview where applicants must defend their proposal. Successful students must pass both stages.

First Stage

Consists of a written test. Date and content are published in the Public Announcement. The following aspects will be analyzed by the examination commission:

  1. Written communication skills in Portuguese;
  2. Ability to dialogue with different authors on interdisciplinarity.

Applicants scoring an average of 7 or higher (to the nearest 1/100 of the mark) at this point will proceed to the next stage.

Second Stage

Consists of an analysis of the project and its defense. The exam commission will consider the following aspects of the project:

  1. The project's theoretical backgrounde and literature review on the topic addressed;
  2. Academic questions arising spontaneously from the literature review conducted during the theoretical background stage;
  3. Hypothesis formulation;
  4. Methods and techniques that support the data collection required for testing the hypothesis;
  5. Project's compatibility with the Program's lines of research.

Applicants’ knowledge of the topic proposed will be assessed during the interview, as well as their skills in defending their proposal.

The final mark is obtained by averaging the scores for each stage of the selection process: the written test and the analysis of the research project/defense. Both these stages carry equal weight.

Approved applicants will have obtained a final mark equal or above 7.0.