International Mobility


- PhD Sandwich Programs Abroad - PDSE/CAPES

PDSE is a CAPES program that aims to build high level human resources capacity by providing several sandwich doctoral grants to Brazilian Higher Education Institutions (IES) whose doctoral programs have been recommended and recognized as achieving a score of 3 or higher in its most recent CAPES three-year assessment.

PDSE provides 3 to 12-month study grants in institutions outside Brazil to develop research and complement doctoral projects.

In addition to a monthly allowance, Ph.D. students will receive financial support to pay for health insurance, moving expenses and settlement abroad, as well as air tickets and assistance for the period students remain abroad.

To request sandwich grants, the Program Coordination Committee (CCP) must send a copy of the applicant's request to the Graduate Committee (CPG). The application will then be sent to the Provost of Graduate Studies in standard Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format (Size: 5Mb maximum).

Requests should be referred to the Provost of Graduate Studies at least 4 months prior to the start of the placement abroad.  This will allow the applicant time to carry out the necessary funding procedures, in accordance to Chapter 9 of the PDSE rules.

In accordance to article 21 of the PhD Sandwich Programs Abroad (PDSE), all suitable applications must be sent to CAPES, subsequent to checking and will be analyzed on a first come first served basis.

Note that the Graduate Program must keep the paper documents of applicants approved for funding for a minimum period of 5 years, due to possible investigations conducted by CAPES.

For further information or detailed instructions of the Program, click here.

 - Co-supervision of thesis for Double/Multiple Graduation:

The University of São Paulo can establish a partnership with teaching and research institutions abroad for student supervision in cases of Double/Multiple Graduation Masters' Dissertations and/or PhD Theses, when there is a reciprocal international academic agreement between the USP Faculty and the institution abroad.


USP and the institution abroad can sign an agreement without specifying the name of the participant. An adherence term of commitment to the agreement should be signed for each student applying for supervision and Double/Multiple graduation.

Students applying for supervision should be fully enrolled on a PhD program at USP or at the institution abroad. Co-supervision norms and regulations for Double/Multiple graduation can be found in the USP Graduate Statute.

To facilitate international cooperation, the Provost of Graduate Studies provides a blueprint of the agreement with guidance on establishing co-supervision for Double/Multiple Graduation. Blueprints of minutes and terms of agreements are available from the Office of the Provost of Graduate Studies. They provide for Legal advice at USP and comply with the new USP Graduate Statute in force since 20/04/2013.

The Provost of Post-Graduate Studies Instructions

  • Santander International Mobility Program

In reference to the International Student Mobility Program for Graduate students, the Provost of Graduate Studies announces the results of the Santander Program for International Mobility Grants, PRPG 2014. 

Student Mobility Program

  • Graduate Students from Institutions Abroad

Graduate Students from institutions abroad (Masters', PhD, Sandwich PhD) can attend disciplines and conduct research as part of the Institute of Energy and Environment Programs (IEE-USP) as exchange students for a period between three and twelve months, which can be extended for up to an extra twelve months.

Documents required for enrollment (in Portuguese, English or Spanish):

  1. Enrollment Form
  1. Copy of Passport (pages with photo, number and validity)
  1. Curriculum vitae
  1. Academic Record for the current course, translated into Portuguese, English or Spanish
  1. A Cover Letter from the home university addressed to the Director of the Institute of Energy and Environment at USP, providing evidence of the applicant's links to the university in question (Circ.CoPGr/54/2011)
  1. A 3x4 colored photograph in JPEG (maximum size: 50 kb).
  1. Research project and timeframe
  1. A Letter of acceptance from an academic accredited by the IEE- USP Graduate Program, who will be responsible for supervising the applicant's research (the applicant is responsible for contacting an academic, information is available at IEE-USP Graduate site).
  1. A Letter of Recommendation by an academic from the applicant's home institution directed to the applicant's potential supervisor at USP.

Address for returning documents:

Applications must be sent via email to: All files must be in PDF format.


Important Information:

On arrival at USP, all students must provide a copy of their passport with a student visa type I or IV (a tourist visa is not acceptable for enrollment), and a copy of an international health insurance covering the period of stay. Note that all the documents above are essential for enrollment at USP.

The academic year comprises February to December and is divided into two semesters, the first from February to June and the second from August to December (vacation period at USP: January and July).

Enrollment completion will only be possible subsequent to the applicant's arrival in Brazil and the presentation of his or her passport with a student visa, together with a copy of his or her international health insurance. Enrollment cannot be completed subsequent to the start of the discipline, that is, students must arrive before the start of the academic term.

Graduate exchange students will have access to USP's internet, libraries, university archives and infrastructure, including food, transport and leisure activities.


Grants and funding information:

The Institute of Energy and Environment at USP has access to grants and other funding for approved exchange students. USP does not provide accommodation for students from institutions abroad.