Foreign Applicants

To register for the selection process, foreign students must follow the same criteria as Brazilian students. The same selection procedures apply, except for students enrolled in exchange programs recognized by USP. In addition to these procedures, foreign applicants must have passed the Portuguese Language Proficiency Exam in accordance to the Selection Procedures and Program Regulations.

There are specific USP and CAPES (Federal Agency for the Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education) programs for foreign students that accept and recognize the following criteria:

Foreign applicants are bound by the same timetable and criteria as Brazilian students, with the exception of students enrolled on a program as part of a pre-established agreement, for example, PEC-PG. In these cases, applicants must first acquire a letter providing evidence of their acceptance on the Program.

To obtain an Acceptance Letter

Normally foreign applicants must request a "Letter of Acceptance" on the Program to enroll on the various mobility programs run by CAPES and other institutions. However, to be granted a letter of acceptance, Programs must follow the following procedure:

  1. Applicants must look for a Supervisor accredited by the Program;
  1. If the Supervisor accepts to work with an applicant, he or she must send a letter to the CCP expressing his or her intention to

supervise the applicant and provide his or her opinion on the applicant's project. (the applicant's proof of enrollment on one of the mobility programs must be annexed);

The applicant's acceptance will be based on the CCP's analysis of the documents and the opinion of the supervisor. If approved, the applicant will receive a letter of acceptance issued by the CPG.